Leslie Pontz’s Visual Vocabulary by Sunita Patterson
FiberArts Magazine, September/October, 2006

In April, Leslie Pontz exhibited her works at Crafts for Living Gallery in Philadelphia. Fascinated by desert plants she has been working with this subject for more than two decades, during which she has moved from 2-D Works in pencil and gouache, to 3-D fiber sculpture, in crocheted wire and quilted silk organza.

She writes in her artist statement: “I remember thinking on my first visit to the desert how glorious it was with it’s grayed colors and hard shapes and soft sand and prickly textures. There were so many contrasts in this quiet world of sand and lizards. Yet from the very first moment that I experienced this environment, it seemed so peaceful, full of shapes and textures that did not seem to go together but definitely wanted to live together.

“Since that time, I have continued to be intrigued with exploring the juxtaposition of contrasting elements that are far more exciting exsiting together than indepenedently. By combining materials like crocheted metal, silk organza, thread and rusted industrial elements, I am able to explore this concept of coexisting contrasts that constantly reminds me that life itself presents an array of conflicts that always need balancing.”

The images shown here reveal how Pontz’s interest in desert plants has taken form in her evolving artwork. She notes “After twenty-five years of studying the same shapes, what happens is you build a visual vocabulary.”

Pontz holds a BFA in printmaking and painting (1970) and an MFA in printmaking (1972) from Syracuse University. From 1984 to 1996, she designed and produced table linens and related products; since then, she has been making art full time. She lives in Philadelphia.

Flower Cactus 1
23" X 10.5" X 8"



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